Surprise pouches full of mystery

You certainly know the "box". This parcel system allows you to receive surprise gifts. We pay a fixed price and we discover each month what's in the box. The goal is precisely to cause astonishment. After the cosmetics (Mylittlebox) and the tights (Gambettesbox), the concept does not stop to decline.

The site to go back in time

Relive in pictures the coronation of the Queen of England in 1953? On the occasion of 63 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth, it is possible. Thanks to Memo, a service of France Televisions that offers you to go back in time. From the beginnings of public service TV to the present day, it is possible to watch excerpts of programs or relive great live moments: the first stage 2 in 1975, the wrestling matches of the Little Prince in 1967, the adventures from Thierry la Fronde in 1963, Bernard Rapp's English plate in 1987, but also Maigret, Belphégor, Saturday is yours, Thalassa ... sixty years of memories are passing under the mouse of the computer.

Shining: the labyrinth of terror recreated!

Stanley Kubrick fans will rejoice. The Stanley Hotel, which was used as a backdrop for Shining in Colorado, USA, has just been equipped with a green labyrinth. In the horror movie, we see Jack Nicholson, in a fit of madness, chasing his son with an ax in his hand in this maze of shrubs.

A site for the heads of linottes

The French do not have a head. In any case, this could be said in light of the figures: every year, SNCF customers forget about 250,000 objects in the trains. That's over 600 per day! Mobile phones, keys, bags, comforters make up the bulk of the troops inadvertently abandoned in the wagons.

Burst mode holidays

Traveling with his personal photographer is the new fad in the US. Travel agencies offer all-inclusive stays of a new kind: a professional photographer accompanies us to immortalize the most beautiful moments of our journeys. Every morning, he shows the pictures of the day before, and on his return, he is an album of dreams ... Thanks to them, finished the blurry photos, long shots canons, caught on the spot.

Sleep in beautiful clothes

The Palace of Versailles transformed into a luxury hotel? No, you're not dreaming. The former royal residence launched a call for tenders this summer to build a hotel in its walls, in three buildings now abandoned. While waiting to catch Marie-Antoinette - probably not before 2017 - we can also sleep in other monuments steeped in history.

Make friends with Osiris

Everyone knows the god Osiris, but what do you really know about the history of this ancient Egyptian king? Would you find out what his brother's name is, who, jealous of his happiness, kills him? Do you know what elements the priest needs for the Mystery Ceremony? If you do not have the opportunity to visit "Osiris, the sunken mysteries of Egypt", one of the exhibitions of the moment (to see the Institute of the Arab world of Paris until the end of January), one challenges you to answer the questions surrounding the divine legend.

The chore of Korean grannies

They are amazing these twelve Korean grandmothers. They are between 60 and 90 years old. In the show Dancing Grandmothers, they jump, spin and go round on techno music or traditional tunes. Yet they are simple peasants, vendors or mothers. The eccentric choreographer Eun-Me Ahn, who famously orchestrated the opening ceremony of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Daegu, traveled across the country to find them.

Sacred most beautiful restaurant in the world

Sure, you will not be asked to go! Voted the world's finest restaurant, The Jane set up her kitchens on the altar of an old chapel in a military hospital. Located in Antwerp (the city also known as the capital of diamonds), in Belgium, he received this distinction a few days ago at the "Restaurant & Bar Design Awards" in London.

Live my Martian life

He is only twenty-five years old and he will spend a year locked up in this dome of 140 m2 on the island of Hawaii. In scuba, without direct contact with the outside, taking only one shower a week and eating exclusively dehydrated food. It does not really dream ... But Cyprien Verseux signed right away.

A forgotten historian is reborn on YouTube

Henri Guillemin. This name will probably tell something to history buffs, not much to others. On YouTube, the Swiss TV shows of this historian disappeared in 1992, make a real case. With this man with square glasses that soliloquy face camera, it is however not in modern formats.

Too beautiful the Earth

Welcome to Earth View is home to 1,500 of the world's most beautiful snapshots taken by Google. The photos that scroll (the place is shown below right) are actually more beautiful than each other. At any time, you can choose to save the image on your computer (by selecting "Download wallpaper" at the top left of the image) to install it in the bottom of the screen.

All liars on our holidays!

Beautiful weather, wonderful discoveries, great family agreement ... to hear us, the holidays are always for-mi-da-ble! According to a study by lastminute / OnePoll, a third of us embellish the reality or tell that they did extraordinary things when they tell the story of their stay in September ... The holidays, we want to miss them but not share it!

11,000 years old and not a wrinkle

It is pretty well preserved for its 11 000 years. Recent research has determined that the wooden statue called "the idol of Shigir" was as old as the first Neolithic works of Mesopotamia. Discovered in Siberia in 1890, this elongated totem which originally measured 5.30 m, - before a part was probably stolen under the Soviet era, bringing its height to 2.80 m - reserved still secrets.

People in UNESCO heritage!

Do you know what a human treasure is? No, the heiress of L'Oreal Liliane Bettencourt does not fall into this category. Although her fortune stands at 35.6 billion euros and she is the 10th richest person in the world, according to the latest ranking of Forbes. The expression was put back in the honor at the death of the Senegalese percussionist Doudou N'Diaye Rose, on August 19th.

Around the world in more than 80 days

You have three months in front of you, a little money and want to cast off? So, you're ready for a "world tour" cruise. A luxury that is becoming more and more accessible. Costa, the giant of comfortable liners (and grandiloquence assumed), has returned to these long-term routes for five years.

The broken glass bridge

Oops! Two weeks after its inauguration, the glass suspension bridge at Shiniuzhai Geopark National Park in Hunan, China, has already cracked. The walkers who borrowed it on October 5 discovered with horror that one of the panels, yet reputed 25 times more resistant than conventional glass, was already broken.

Photo: women out of frame

Forgotten women of the photographic art? This is the question posed by the Paris exhibition "Who's afraid of women photographers"? And the answer is not in doubt. We are not interested here in contemporary art photography or photo reporting - two areas dominated by men for a long time, where women are gradually gaining ground - but at a time that goes from great beginnings in 1838 to the end of the second world war.

Treat yourself to a fatbike trip

ATV, a dangerous sport, only for young people and athletes? Not if you opt for its quiet version with the fatbike, an all-terrain shod with wheels completely "bodybuildées". Originally used by snowboarders on extreme terrain (such as snow or sand), this bike invites us on our paths and trails, to offer - it seems - to the occasional practitioners or lacking technique of real sensations, in all security.

The King is dead, long live the com '

Political communication did not wait for spin doctors or the Internet to exist. The death of Louis XIV, three centuries ago, was the occasion of a staging and propaganda exercise that will remain as a model of its kind, long before the emergence of our hypermediatised societies. At the Palace of Versailles, the exhibition The King is Dead brings to life the great spectacle that presided over the passing of the Sun King.