Play against oblivion

Will you be as fast as Ayumu? This chimpanzee, a resident of the Primate Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, is able to memorize in a few seconds a table with nine digits (from 1 to 9), and then put them in the right boxes once the screen erased. You are challenged to do as well.

At your controllers!

You can not escape: this weekend, more than one hundred thousand visitors are expected at Paris Game Week, the largest exhibition dedicated to video games in France. And as the information is likely to reach the teens and children around you, as much to be on the page.

The white anti-page weapon

Internet to fight against the anxiety of the blank page? This is the spirit of "NaNoWriMo", an operation launched from November 1 to 30 in the United States. There are some who already raise their eyes to heaven. What is this thing again? The "National Novel Writing Month" or, in French, "National Month of the Writing of Novel", exists since 1999 and gathers 300 000 participants on the other side of the Atlantic.

Play more to fuel more

Quiz of general culture, puzzles, hunts with the intruder, memory games, on the French departments, recipes of cooking with holes, work of reflexes, activities of reading ... To maintain his brain, it is necessary to have fun! Stim'art understands it and launches two apps that are really fun for seniors.

We listen to the radio in English!

You think it's not within your reach? Rest assured, the idea is not to connect to the BBC hoping to spot a word from time to time. Once retired, we have time to learn languages ​​or to improve, but no question of inflicting a challenge worthy of a student in class prepa.

Tectonic, even better than Sudoku?

Do you like Sudoku? You will love Tectonic. This new brain game promises a few minutes of brainstorming, in its grids with irregular areas. Addictive, it combines reflection and logic. Its principle is simple: two identical digits can not be side by side or diagonally.

French Academy: do you know all its secrets?

Two years after being elected, Alain Finkielkraut finally entered the French Academy on Thursday. The integration of this philosopher and essayist, described by his detractors as a neo-shareholder, has been the subject of much discussion. And, by the way, put this honorable institution back on the scene.

On the hunt for spelling errors

5 Fouls are hiding in this excerpt, will you find them? Vacant, idle, softened by the summer heat, the crowd stretches along the path where the convoy has already taken its place. In the trampling mass, a child whimpers and complains that he suffocates, a man removes his cannotier of straw, and sponges his forehead while over there, over the fray, swings the clear spot of a umbrella.

Sudoku: our free games grids

We love the famous numbers game that has been boring us for over ten years! The goal of the game: fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 9, knowing that the same figure can only appear once on a line, a column and in its square of 3 x 3. Want to play online? Serengo offers 3 grids for free.

Dictation club: goal zero fault!

>> Are you stuck in spelling and grammar? Test yourself The plurals of color adjectives and past participle chords have no secrets for you? Do you love flipping through dictionaries and learning new words? So, you are ripe to sign up for a dictation club. There are some everywhere in France, in Grenoble, Belfort and even in small towns of 3500 inhabitants like Bourg-Blanc, in Finistère.

Spelling: look for mistakes!

Ten faults have crept into this excerpt from a dictation of competition, organized for the benefit of the Téléthon in Gouesnou (Finistère) at the end of 2015 by the club of the Fêlés de l'orthographe. Can you find them? One train can hide another! "There, on the horizon, at the end of a long straight line, accompanied by an immense plume of black-gray smoke, the beast breathed and breathed like an asthmatic, as exhausted by the ten kilometers that she had just gone.

Speak English, yes we can!

Age is not a barrier to learning a new language, on the contrary! More methodical and more assiduous according to Babbel (a site that introduces 14 languages), seniors are ultra-motivated students. It must be said that fluent lessons in English, Italian or Russian would activate the same area in the brain as making love or eating chocolate!

5 misspellings are hidden in this text

The cow and the murderer It's not you, O cow, who has gone mad: the madman is indeed the man. It's not your brains, whatever you say, that is dangerous: it's his brain that goes wrong. You never asked to watch the trains, astonished that we can run so fast for so little.

Find 5 misspellings in this text

The cruise has fun Who would have dared to bet that, among the five hundred and thirty chtis who have offered themselves a dream ride aboard this impressive boat, it would find enough players to come face, at the time of the bistouille and waffles, the pitfalls of the French language?