How to finance the funeral of a loved one?

According to regions and operators, the cost of funerals varies from 2,500 to 7,500 euros (30% less for a cremation).

To finance them, question the mutual of the deceased (some contracts cover them, even practice the paying third with the funeral home). If not, ask to withdraw them from the deceased's bank account (possible up to 5,000 euros, knowing that savings books can be used, but not life insurance or other investments). The funeral provider can even send his bill directly to the bank's estate service. If the sum is not available, the heirs must finance the funeral. Once all or part of the funeral expenses have been paid, if the retirement pension for the month of death has not yet been paid (it is blocked as soon as the pension fund becomes aware of the death), you can ask the Pension Fund - with proof - to reimburse you directly on the last month due, within the limit of 2 286 euros.


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