Electricity bill: a new scam is circulating!

We must at least recognize that, when it comes to bribing money, crooks are showing an imagination overflowing. The latest procedure is to scam down their victims by promising to repay their contribution to the public electricity service (CSPE).

Quèsaco? You may not know it, but a tax is levied by the state on each of your electricity bills, regardless of your energy supplier. You have just got to know the CSPE. Proportionate to the number of kWh consumed, it represents about 100 euros per year per household. An amount that has increased by 650% since its introduction in 2002!

For several weeks, scams at the CSPE have been reported throughout France. Operation mode ? Call individuals with a promise to reimburse CSPE on their next electricity bill. They then request an appointment at home to finalize the procedure. Beware! Under no circumstances can we legally refund the CSPE. If you receive this type of call, hang up.

If, unfortunately, you have been the victim of such a scam, file a complaint as soon as possible. You can also reach the Info Scams platform at 0805 805 817 (free call), where you will be advised more specifically on the procedure to follow.

Video: Xcel Energy 'past due' scam circulating Ramsey Co. (January 2020).


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