Dictation club: goal zero fault!

>> Are you trained in spelling and grammar? Test yourself

The plurals of color adjectives and past participle agreements have no secrets for you? Do you love flipping through dictionaries and learning new words? So, you are ripe to sign up for a dictation club. There are some everywhere in France, in Grenoble, Belfort and even in small towns of 3500 inhabitants like Bourg-Blanc, in Finistère. There, the Fêlés of the spelling gathers a hundred people, who meet three weeks out of four to make a dictation, revise their vocabulary on specific themes (the wines of France, jewelery ...) or review their rules of grammar. "Everyone corrects himself, says Henri Le Guen, president of this club that finished second in the Spell Stamps competition. I try to play down the blame; she is here to learn. No competition, therefore, within the Cracks. The sessions must remain in the field of pleasure. "Initially, I signed up to leave my home and meet people, admits Martine Philippe, a diligent member of 62. But it also helps to maintain his French I have always preferred this subject to maths." Some take advantage of this training to run the competitions. But there is no obligation.

If the activity interests you, the site Around a Dictation lists some spelling clubs. You can also inquire at your town hall to find out if there is not one near you ... Or even to create one, who knows.

>> Are you trained in spelling and grammar? Test yourself

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