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Not a lot of room? Want an island? An open space? There are solutions for all surfaces and all needs. Our tips for successful cooking a la carte.

Not a lot of room? Want an island? An open space? There are solutions for all surfaces and all needs. Our tips for successful cooking a la carte.

Small space, maximum storage

Small area does not mean cooking at a discount! Cooks develop multiple solutions to save space and offer an ergonomic space, easy to live with and ultra practical. Starting with storage space, which takes advantage of every nook and cranny: corner furniture such as Le Mans or Magic Corner, with a small footprint (35 cm deep instead of 60 cm) ... In a small space, it is better to opt for storage. in columns, to increase the possibilities, and do not hesitate to place high furniture (open to visually lighten the whole). On the side of home appliances, multifunction devices also save space, such as ovens that combine microwave and rotating heat for example. The dishwasher is only 45 cm wide but can also be combined with the oven and hob in one piece of equipment. Finally, in a small space, a domino and its two fire zones (gas, vitroceramic, induction) can quite enough to cook and occupies little space on the work plan.

The island is featured

If it were necessary to summarize the kitchen of today in a piece of furniture it would be the island. It has become THE masterpiece, the layout that everyone dreams about. It is found in all cooks. It must be said that it does not lack assets. It is friendly, because it offers a large area where you can cook while children draw on a corner, or friends keep you company while having an aperitif. And it is practical: it serves as a transition zone if the kitchen is open and is home to many storage, in all discretion. It is also multiple: it can be converted into a simple preparation surface, or become washing area, cooking. But be careful in this case to technical constraints (arrivals and evacuations of water, electricity), which can make this development complex. If you fall for a kitchen island, opt for a large work plan. But beware, it takes space: about fifteen square meters in all for the kitchen and a meter around the furniture to circulate and easily open the cupboards. Discover the latest models and follow our advice to choose your kitchen island.

The spirit of openness

Today, more than one kitchen out of two is open to the rest of the house. In other words, it is no longer a trend, but a real wave of substance! This is not surprising: the time has come for an open-plan living, in a lofty spirit, and for the disappearance of the kitchen as such. It blends into the landscape, even taking on a living room with its graphic credence, its library furniture, its shelves that can place decorative objects, or its benches that hide storage. The open kitchen is also an opportunity to create a dining area with a table and some high chairs, which add friendliness. But openness also has its downside. To enjoy this type of cuisine, think practical! Choose a hood of good power, to avoid spreading cooking odors throughout the house and prefer quiet and discreet appliances: place the refrigerator and freezer in a column rather than visible, opt for a dishwasher or a built-in washing machines, concealed by a facade identical to the storage spaces. But if you are a bit disordered, better go for a closed kitchen!

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