The softnesses on the test bench

Focus on formulas that combine long-lasting effectiveness and extreme softness for well-protected underarms, perspiration and irritation. Anti-stress, organic, freshness iced green tea or special shaved skin ... Discover our tips for choosing your care and our test bench of the best deos.

Some tips for choosing your deo

No to irritating agents
If you are one of the 47% of women who report having sensitive armpits, avoid formulas that contain alcohol - which is drying and irritating - to reduce tingling. And the aluminum salts? Alone, they are rather harmless, but often need an alcoholic base to release their effectiveness. In doubt, it is better to do without it.

Yes to super absorbents
To stay dry without stress, we put on assets known and recognized as the alum stone, which activates its absorbency in contact with the first sweat. This mineral also has an astringent effect to limit the flow. Thanks to its content of zinc and magnesium, it also deploys purifying and revitalizing virtues. Another essential anti-humidity agent: micronised talc with formidable absorbency!

The natural touch bonus
Aloe vera and donkey milk as soothing and moisturizing ... Protecting sweet almond oil and protein milk anti-thirst ... Decidedly, plant-based ingredients are good for delicate skin and deserve their place in our deos. For the rest, it's up to you to play by limiting the irritating passage of the razor, and preferring sticks and marbles, more "cocooning" than atomizers.

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