Brush blower or hair dryer: how to choose?

The hair dryer is a big classic in the bathroom. Our hair will finally see the novelty with the birth of a new generation of hair dryers. This coincides with the development on the market of blower brushes, which intend to make a place among our hairdressing accessories.

The hair dryer: a classic in renewal

Like most ironshair curlers and other styling devices, hair dryers are now taking advantage of ceramics to style and heat without damaging. Refractory material, the ceramic allows in fact to retain the heat and diffuse perfectly homogeneous, to avoid both overheating of the device and especially the burning sensations on the hair fiber and scalp.

Many models combine tourmaline: this fine stone has the property of accumulating the opposite electrical charges, and thus greatly limit the static electricity and small hair crazy flying around the head. An alternative to ionic technology, previously reserved for professional hairdryers, but which is also appearing in models intended for the general public, for a slightly higher purchase price. It's up to you whether or not static electricity is the main problem you encounter when styling

But all this concerns the hair dryer "classics", which are likely to be dethroned soon by a newcomer: the hair dryer Dyson. If the brand revolutionizes the hair dryer market as it did with vacuum cleaners, it's a safe bet that classic models will soon appear obsolete. Its hollow cylinder makes it very easy to handle, but what is especially important is its performance, since the drying is twice as fast thanks to the power of its engine, without damaging the hair. A gem, but the price is not yet within the reach of all budgets ...

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Brush blower, all-in-one or almost

You can also have enough of the long brushings made with the brush in one hand and the hair dryer at arm's length. If you want a tool that makes your life easier, why not opt ​​for a blower? A single tool to dry, smooth, give volume or curl, without risking a cramp in the arm, that is dream! It's all about choosing the model and accessories you need for the hair styles you want.

The blower brush is usually a blowing cylinder, on which we can adapt various accessories: more or less wide brushes, flat brush, comb ... The hot air is distributed in the accessory, and the styling becomes shaped. One of its advantages is that a simply blowing brush can be used perfectly on damp hair, unlike irons and hot brushes.

At the time of purchase, care must be taken not only for the included accessories, but also for the power: if your hair is thick, a minimum of 1200W is recommended. Again, the use of ceramics and tourmaline avoids damaging the hair and make it electric, the same for ion technology.

Finally, some models combine the breath with a heating function (like an iron), other brushes are only heating. The combination of the two functions is the most versatile solution, but the efficiency is comparable.

Do not forget some simple tips: a dream hairstyle can only be achieved on healthy hair. Also, do not forget about a weekly nutritious treatment, which will nourish and protect the hair fiber, so that it remains supple and shiny, and let yourself be styled as you wish!

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Hair dryer or blower brush: which one is right for you?

Want an all-in-one product? Prefer the blower brush, which will allow you to style differently with each drying thanks to its many accessories!

Do you want a natural result? Choose the hair dryer, classic, but effective after your shampoo session. You can also add a diffuser tip, which will be convenient to dry curly hair or if you want to create a light wavy.

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