Preview the Qiriness Sublime Booster Preview

Do you love beauty products and want to test Qiriness's new Booster Temps Sublime in preview, for free and at home? This is where it happens.

Meeting on Current Woman Tester until 11 November included to test free and at home the new Sublime Time Booster from Qiriness.

Completing the Sublime Time Care routine, Sublime Booster Time, ultimate anti-aging concentrate, addresses to the mature skin looking for a radiant face of youth and beauty. Thanks to its bi-phased formula ultra-concentrated in assets, the skin is visibly revitalized and firmed. The subsequent Sublime Care performances are stimulated for immediate anti-aging action.

The Booster Temps Sublime is suitable for all types of skin, especially mature, dry and devitalized skin, with lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, irregular pigmentation and brown spots.

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Anti-aging effect and radiance booster : Recognized for its overall anti-aging properties, the stabilized Vitamin C is released in the heart of the skin to boost collagen synthesis and promote the elimination of pigment spots. The skin is firmer and brighter. Vitamin E, known for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, helps protect cellular DNA and improve skin tone.

Revitalizes and Protects : Kiwiberry, a superfruit rich in vitamin C and minerals, reduces the damage associated with oxidative stress and optimizes cellular respiration. Better protected, the cells are full of energy and their longevity is enhanced.

Stimulates communication and cellular longevity : True cellular regenerator, Myrtle extract helps to limit cell aging and dermal degradation, thus giving the skin a new youth. It also promotes cellular communication for a better assimilation of care.

Regenerate and restructure : The precious oils of Camellia and Rosehip, rich in fatty acids, are recognized for their moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties. They also participate in the restructuring of the epidermis and help fight against skin aging.

The E.O.S complex Exclusive Qiriness brings its revitalizing and de-stressing properties.

Results: More luminous and better protected, the skin is revitalized, firmed and radiant. Wrinkles seem minimized and the face looks remodeled, visibly younger.

The two-phase texture of this exceptional treatment is fluid, light and non-greasy. The product penetrates quickly for unparalleled comfort.



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