Ines de la Fressange: her tips and secrets to stay chic

Her timeless look and her own style mixing with accuracy, simplicity and elegance, have made her "the French icon of Chic". Tips, tricks, fashion habits: our questions to the most Parisian Parisian who responds with a natural straightforward.

It symbolizes a myth. She is admired for her naturalness, for her sense of simplicity and elegance to which she adds a taste for creative associations and always her little personal gaiety. Totally in his image. Sparkling, spontaneous, the expert in chic and taste has always been a hit. Fashion model, a true businesswoman, now a writer and artistic director of her eponymous international success brand, she just signed a collection of chic luggage with the legendary Lipault house. The opportunity for us to revisit its news and learn a little about his little fashion and beauty habits to sting him.

You just signed a line of accessories with Lipault ... Since we are on the theme of travel and getaway, if you were a country, a destination?
France ! A great country for his ideas, varied for his landscapes, loving reforms but also tradition, stubborn and with a certain taste for freedom.
If I were a destination, it would be Tarascon in Provence, my secret garden, my little Liré: a place of another era, not mundane with a market (Tuesday) with very good products.

The garment or accessory that you take with you everywhere?
A shawl. It is often cold in the airplanes, sometimes bedspreads are naughty in hotels so having his "blanket" with himself is a way to bring his home; like a turtle!

If you have to travel light, what outfit (s) do you wear?
White jeans, a navy sweater, a silk blouse ... But in reality today we can find everywhere clothes not bad (at worst we wrap in a sheet!) So the important are the shoes, because they are more difficult to find if one wishes them sophisticated and particular.

In the bag: rather the kind to take too much or limit?
With time, I have some experience so I know how to choose, predict, eliminate.
I think bring adapter plugs, scented candle, I.Pad with downloaded movies etc. Nevertheless, once everything is organized, I tend to add a few things like "you never know" because I think it's better to have too much regret.
I never completely fill the bag in case there is shopping, and anyway it should not be too "stuffed", it takes more time to do the return. And of course, it also depends on the circumstances ... Yes, well ok, I'm coming out: I ALWAYS TOO MUCH! (Laughter)

You are nicknamed the queen of the timeless look ... What would be the best advice you could give our readers about style?
Thank you ! Hmm ... to buy my book: "How I dress today *"! (Laughter)
No, in fact I will tell them not to cumulate too much (for example earrings + necklaces + bracelets + rings ...), to limit themselves to three colors, to mix sport and sophisticated, masculine and feminine and uh ... continue reading Current Woman No ?!

* Editor's note: In her book "La Parisienne", Ines de la Fressange shares her addresses as well as advice of style or decoration tips. It has been published in 17 languages ​​and has sold a million copies worldwide.

For you, what is the height of bad taste?
Have bad thoughts in the genre want to show that we can afford expensive brands, want to be sexy by revealing too much, being obsessed with youth.

"The uniform" Ines de la Fressange: what would it be?
Ah, you noticed ?! Yes I tend to wear the same things often (laughs).
So these are: navy blue jackets, white jeans, black loafers, navy blue coats, navy blue and white striped shirts, navy blue sweaters ... Ouh la la, said like it looks like a list for a boarding suitcase, I'm going to look like a naughty nun! (Laughter)

Fashion addictions in particular?
I always buy more or less the same things (gray sweaters, sky blue shirts, black boots ...), it is a neurosis quite common in women! On the other hand, it is not so bad when one is stylist to have obsessions because one is always in search of the perfect jacket, the collar of ideal marinière, the purse of our dreams ...
There are brands that I love too (apart from mine!) Like Uniqlo and Roger Vivier for whom I work and if it's going well, it's precisely because I have an addiction for them!

Fashion pieces that have never left you?
Oh, you have to know how to put away your cupboards and not to cumulate too much! But I have a velvet patched jacket that I love and that it resists all my tornadoes storage; as well as faded blue jackets of workers bought in flea markets: ordinary clothes that are endangered.
There are things that I buy when they are too sketched like Tod's moccasins or white cotton shirts because the word does not change but fashion changes shapes and proportions.
In summary, I love clothes is my life but no I'm not the museum Galliera, I do not have "archives"!

5 basic to have in his wardrobe according to you?
A lover. No, I'm going crazy! So :
- A gray T-shirt (or white or other), which we really like the cut and who will be better under a jacket than a granny's blouse,
- A silk shirt that will adapt according to the circumstances (evening, work, dinner ...),
- A navy blue jacket well cut,
- A black pencil skirt, more flexible than the famous little black dress!
- Jeans, dark without hole, will go in all circumstances.

A beauty secret to blow us?
Make up well well every night, even if you have not made up!
A product ? Crealine H2O: all pros use it.

Your news?
Holiday yeaahhh! Well it's not the answer you expected, I feel it ...
The hot news (apart from the new collection for Ines de la Fressange Paris, the line with Uniqlo, a trip to Shanghai for Roger Vivier and another in Los Angeles, the translation into English, Italian, Brazilian of my new book in March), this is my newsletter: I started writing this letter every week that registered people (for free) receive every Thursday in their mailbox; I did this slightly by giving addresses and advice of books, movies, clothes, etc., and now I have many readers who ask me every week the letter, it has a huge success and I am the first astonished!

The world of fashion has no secrets for you. Would you like to explore another area through collaborations for example?
Oh yes ! Collaborations with industry for example are always interesting for companies as for designers. My problem is that I have just too much enthusiasm!

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Video: Insider fashion tips from Ines de la Fressange, author of 'Parisian Chic' (January 2020).


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