Return of Laurence Boccolini: the host of TF1 is much better and resumed her shoots

Laurence Boccolini gave her news after her hospitalization last May. The host is much better, she took the path of filming with the show of Grand Concours of the animators which will be broadcast this Saturday, June 22 at 21 hours on TF1.

A news that will reassure his many fans. Laurence Boccolini is better. It is she who made it known by publishing, on June 19, a story about her account Instagram. She returned to filming this week by recording the Grand Concours of the animators which will be broadcast Saturday, June 22 at 21 hours on TF1. Already, Christophe Beaugrand, his accomplice of Big Bounce, had given his news in early June, at a press conference given for the show Ninja Warrior scheduled for this summer. "She is better, she is much better. I got it on the phone not long ago. (… ) She is resting." did he tell our colleagues to Tele-Star.

As he pointed out, the filming of the Grand Concours of the animators was well planned: "In a fortnight, I'll put my title back on the line! I'm already at my third trophy, I have more room at home! " The filming took place. Twenty-four personalities including Thierry Beccaro, Julien Lepers, Valérie Damidot, Karine Ferri and the former Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, will try to dethrone Christophe Beaugrand under the leadership of Laurence Boccolini.

The host makes her big comeback on the set of TF1 after being hospitalized last May. A hospitalization that had caused many rumors about his state of health. Some evoked cancer, others a heart attack. So much so that Willow's mother wanted to make things clear on her account Instagram : "Yes, I was hospitalized, yes, it was serious, and I almost see the famous tunnel with the light at the end as in Poltergeist (...) I try with the greatest evil and the most force possible of to get out of a nasty infection during my filming in South Africa which has degenerated badly once back in Paris."

From now on, it's the order of the past. Laurence Boccolini has resumed her activity to the delight of her many fans who will have the opportunity, not only to see it on TF1 this Saturday, June 22, but also a good part of the summer with the show I am a celebrity, get me out of there! the first date of which is scheduled for Tuesday 9 July at 9:05 pm The famous show that was shot in South Africa and for which the host had contracted the infection.


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