Such a big sun: Emmy regrets to have come to see his mother, Becker's condition worsens ... the summary of episode 230 broadcast on July 12

In this new episode of your soap opera Such a big sun broadcast on Friday, July 12 on France 2, Becker is at the worst and Emmy regrets to have come to see Janet, who puts his work before her ...

In episode 230 of your daily soap opera Such a big sun, Janet comes to see Clement who is still in the hospital. She has her analysis results and ask him if he is not an alcoholic ... what he is challenging. She does not understand: he has very bad liver and kidneys. She will try to find where the problem comes from

Solkem is with Theo. He shows him pictures of his childhood in Africa ... Enric is meanwhile with Mo. Ines announces that Father Corentin is appointed in Rome. They have permission for him to baptize it next Thursday before leaving. Mo reacts well and is afraid that it is too short to organize a party ... Inès prefers to privilege his baptism at the party.

Manu comes to see Becker at the hospital. He tells her that they are following Lionel Balu and hope to get back on track. Becker asks him to stop the investigation while he is recovering, because he wants to avoid any confusion with Minard. Because if Minard realizes they're investigating, he'll go see the prosecutor ... Manu reacts badly, but Becker tells him it might fall on him. It's an order.

Enric refuses to attend the baptism of Ines

Ines hopes that Enric will attend his baptism but Enric asks him not to insist. Enric is a second father for Ines and she needs him. For Enric, it's out of the question. Marilyne is touched by the baptism of Ines, she asked him to be his godmother. Gary has an idea: he asks Davia if it is possible to celebrate baptism at the hut.

At the police station, Manu explains to Alex that they can no longer investigate at the request of Clément Becker. He found the commissioner very weak.

Gary is with Enric and asks him to be Inès' godfather because for him, Enric is like his father. But Enric reacts strongly and refuses the proposal... Plum tries to understand why Enric refuses baptism, but he is tense. Back home, Mo asks him to make an effort, but he wishes that we respect his convictions. Mo blames him for giving lessons.

Clement's condition is getting worse ...

Minard calls Becker for news. Clement asks him if he has advanced. He answers that he is investigating and will keep him informed. Janet calls her daughter and announces that she will come home late, because she has to deal with the case of a patient who is getting worse and worse. Emmy blames her for getting work done before her. Janet asks her to understand, her patient is between life and death. She promises to catch up, but Emmy regrets coming to see her.

Claire brings Clement's exams to Janet. Her condition worsens and Janet fears that he will die if she does not find the origin ...


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