Sex: bedtime matters

The love lasts three years, if one believes Frédéric Beigbeder. Rather three and a half years according to American researchers who have explored the relationship between degree of intimacy of couples and sleeping habits (we talk about time to go to bed ...). Scientists have indeed noted that those who went to bed at the same time were, over time, more complicit, more sexually fulfilled, more in phase than those who used to go to bed at different times.

The first signs of shortness of breath appear at the end of three and a half years, so, average duration at the end of which the lovebirds (who are really not), do not creep under the quilt at the same time. After ten to twelve years together, if one goes to bed after David Pujadas's TJ while the other stays awake until the end of Top Chef, the intimacy diminishes irretrievably. Everyone begins to live his little life on his side and the secrets on the pillow disappear (which is all logical: you have already tried to confide in someone who snores for more than two hours? The conversation is rather limited ). As for the sex life, do not even talk about it.

Conversely, couples who go to bed together may look routine. However, they maintain less conflict, make more love and carry on one another a look full of tenderness and understanding. When some end up not being able to see anything other than the inevitable end of their union, the lovebirds returning to the nest wing against wing are more likely to coo for life.

Video: Bedroom - Nothing Lasts (January 2020).


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