Cataract: a very promising new treatment

Seeing clearly and without glasses until a very advanced age is no longer an exception. This is a reality that most of us will soon be able to benefit from. Update on a revolutionary new implant with our live expert at the World Congress of Ophthalmology (WOC) in Barcelona.

Since it was first put on the market in the 1960s, the intraocular implant has evolved considerably. Initially, it can replace the defective lens in people with cataracts. This is the only option, because there is no other treatment.

Cataract is manifested by opacification of the lens, the "lens" that allows to see. Untreated, the disease can lead to blindness, according to WHO, about 20 million people affected. Except genetic or congenital disease, taking steroids, diabetes, accident, the first manifestations begin around 65 years. " There is a rejuvenation of the affected population. These are mostly people who have exposed their eyes too much to the sun, without protecting them with real sunglasses "says Dr. Francesco Carones, ophthalmologist-surgeon in Milan, Italy, which should alert you: the need for a lot of light to read, a night vision altered, halos around the lights ... and of course a blurred vision. The intervention perfectly controlled today and performed as an outpatient consists of "sucking" the opaque lens and replacing it with an implant, with one in two affected.

Which is new : the intraocular implant (Alcon AcriSof®IQ PanOptix® trifocal), in addition to restoring vision, now makes it possible to correct visual defects such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia ... It also offers a vision at 60 cm, very important when the we work on screen. " The new devices ensure a very precise measurement of the eye in order to achieve a personalized implant "says Dr. Francesco Carones, ophthalmic surgeon in Milan (Italy)." The goal is to be able to go almost completely glasses. And the cost of two implants equals more or less the price of an Iphone! "says our specialist, it takes a month to recover a complete vision and six months for optimal vision." But, then, it's for life! Dr. Carones enthuses, 81% of the operated patients are very satisfied, reveals the study presented by Alcon during the congress.To paraphrase a famous slogan, it is small but it does the maximum!

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