What evening dress to adopt after 50 years?

Dress or pants?
In the evening, both are allowed: the essential thing is to feel good. Do you opt for the dress? No big motives or empire size. Favor sobriety: the black dress is a must which will never go out of style. Bet on the accessories by adding a colored scarf or a scarf tied on the shoulders. Well also saw the pin for an authentic touch.

Rather pants? As for the dress, the must have is the black version. A tip: choose the right size, because a stocking too tight or too big can distort your look. Be sure to balance your figure: those with small shoulders will opt for pants with narrow legs, those with stronger shoulders will go to pants with flared legs. The jeans are also risk in the evening, but on one condition: the extra-gross choose!

Opt for a flattering length
By wearing the dress or skirt at the knees, you are sure not to go wrong. The big ones will be able to wear the dress under the knee, and the small, just above. Forget the ankle dresses, which are no longer suitable.

Winning centimeters
Because they finish the style, choosing your shoes is essential. For a dynamic and feminine approach, bet on heels of 5 to 6 cm maximum. Beware of small heels that tend to pack up. In terms of height, it is left or double: flat or heel of 5 cm but not between them.

A typical outfit?
To avoid mistakes of taste, bet on the little black dress, indispensable allies in all circumstances, for a look both chic and casual. For a touch of rock, dare the little leather jacket. If you prefer a more casual chic look, denim is ideally worn with a long-sleeved silk blouse.

A touch of extravagance
Very trendy pieces are to be worn sparingly. The key ? Choose the piece that will sublimate your outfit. A faux fur coat will look great if worn with dark jeans and black ankle boots; just like, a sequined jacket on an evening dress.

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