Wear well printed after 50 years

Focus on classic prints
out regressive patterns, bad taste, and all those that hurt the retina! Instead, we adopt timeless prints, which will not go out of style. To us tartan, liberty, plaid, small tiles, fine stripes, marinière, leopard, wax, flowers of all kinds ... An exception among the zany prints: the pea, which gives a real blow to the pace.

Adopt the mini format print
With the motives maxi, not elegant past 50 years and risky for the voluptuous silhouettes, one prefers the mini-impressions (sowing of small flowers, small squares, fine stripes ...) which flatter all the morphologies. As a bonus, we do not refuse the good old recipes: vertical stripes are known to stretch and thin the silhouette.

The good parts
All pieces can be chosen patterned. The simplest: the shirt, skirt or accessories (bags, belts, scarves, shoes), good options to rejuvenate his look easily. For the most seasoned, the printed pants, chosen in a sufficiently thick fabric, good fall, will be perfect. Finally, big fashion winner, the printed coat goes to all and makes the silhouette trendy ... so younger!

The right equation: printed + basic
To calm the game, we associate his patterned piece to a plain basic of his wardrobe. Thus, for a printed pants, we will leave on a shirt (white, denim), or a sweater, vest ... Associating his printed piece with a basic does not mean that you have to opt for black. On the contrary, we have fun and we choose a touch of color present in the print to produce a shades. Thus, with printed trousers containing yellow, one can leave on a yellow sweater ... Allergic to the color? We combine its print with a neutral color: white, navy, gray. However, we absolutely avoid the mixture of prints, too risky!

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