Marine magnesium oil, against fatigue, stress and muscle aches

We know ampoules and tablets to fight against deficiencies, we can now supplement marine magnesium through the skin to achieve targeted results.

Passive fatigue, stress, change of season ... The magnesiumwe all need it more or less to ensure the proper functioning of our nervous system. To fight against the deficiencies, to take orally, it is good. Receiving magnesium transcutaneously is even more effective and less restrictive.

This 100% natural dry oil is actually a heavy water (loaded with trace elements), composed of seawater rich in magnesium chloride. It is the most bioavailable form of magnesium: the cells assimilate it more easily. While magnesium-based dietary supplements may have a slight effect laxative and sometimes disturb the transit, the local application makes it possible to avoid the undesirable effects.

The thalassotherapy centers Côté Thalasso and the Breton laboratories Thalion were among the first to identify the potential of magnesium in local application. In case of general fatigue, marine magnesium is ideal: it boosts energy, helps reduce stress and fight against insomnia. For Dr. Perez-Siscard, at the origin of the development of dedicated cures, this alternative also offers a more targeted action: "passing through the skin, magnesium chloride more easily reaches the cells to attach directly to where we have needs, "she explains.

In massage. It is applied directly to the painful muscles in case of aches, or as soon as a cramp occurs. Same thing to relieve tendinitis and tennis-elbow, as it relaxes the muscle fiber. The little extra: marine magnesium oil relieves and disinfects small sores and bites. To obtain this product extracted in France, it is advisable to get closer to the centers Côté Thalasso (04 48 07 01 18), which will propose the sale on line from the month of September 2017 on

And soon (at the latest at the latest) on our website

* Thank you to Dr. Marie Perez-Siscard, doctor and leader of the centers Thalasso side of Banyuls and Ile de Ré

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