Drink 3 to 4 coffees a day, it's good for your health

The studies on coffee follow each other and are not alike ... The latest one recommends a moderate consumption to stay in good health.

It would help fight against diabetes, tinnitus, liver problems ... But it could also make us more anxious and disrupt our internal clock. In short, we do not know where to go!

A study from the University of Southampton (UK) published in the British Medical Journal tries to give the number of cups of optimal coffee to enjoy its benefits without suffering its inconvenience. By analyzing the results of nearly 200 studies on the subject, researchers have established 3-4 coffees a day the ideal dose. Consuming this amount of coffee would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and stroke. It would also reduce the risk of liver disease by 29%.

This recommendation is for healthy adults and not for pregnant women and those prone to fracture (coffee is suspected of weakening bones).

- To increase your life expectancy, drink coffee!

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