5 misconceptions about endometriosis

Although this gynecological disease affects one in ten women, it still suffers from many prejudices. We disentangle the truth from the false.

The inner wall of the uterus is covered by a tissue called the endometrium. The cells of the latter are supposed to renew each cycle and be eliminated during menstruation. However, in women with endometriosis, these cells and the blood of the rules are evacuated badly. Result, cysts, lesions or adhesions can form between the organs.

1 / Endometriosis renders sterile

False. According to the EndoFrance association, 30% to 40% of women suffering from this disease have fertility problems. In question, the inflammatory state that would disrupt ovulation and decrease the chances of fertilization of the egg. In contrast, treatments for endometriosis seem to allow an improvement in fertility.

2 / It is a disease difficult to diagnose

True. Today, we are beginning to talk freely about endometriosis as a recognized disease. But the latter is still the subject of many questions, including in the medical community. To make matters worse, this disease can also be asymptomatic. It may take several years before the diagnosis of endometriosis is made. In many cases, this is done when the patient consults for fertility problems. It is then necessary to establish a complete assessment: most often a clinical examination is completed by an endovaginal pelvic ultrasound.

3 / Painful rules must alert

True. Endometriosis affects women at any age, and can manifest itself as soon as a young girl starts menstruating. For some women, it is also with the pains of the first menstruation that the first symptoms appear, although they are not always taken seriously. Having painful periods does not necessarily mean that you have endometriosis, but this symptom is among those who need to alert. So do not hesitate to consult in this case.

4 / Endometriosis, it also happens in the head

False. No, the appearance of endometriosis has absolutely nothing to do with emotional state. It is a real gynecological disease that affects the health of women as a whole. The repercussions are felt both psychologically and physically, and sometimes even affect the sex life.

5 / It is not cured of this disease.

True. Periods in a woman's life where menstruation is suspended (pregnancy or menopause) can put symptoms to sleep. Depending on how endometriosis manifests itself, different treatments may be recommended: targeted hormonal treatment, painkillers, surgical intervention to reduce endometriosis ... But to this day, there is no treatment capable of eradicating disease.

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