How to limit the commercial use of my data?

A quarter of the complaints to the CNIL concern repetitive surveys by email ("spam"), mail and telephone. The drift is not about to stop: according to the Boston Consulting Group, the European data market will reach 1 000 billion euros in 2020, against 315 in 2015!

Precautions to take
Only create accounts on known sites, protecting your account with a secure password. Avoid lotteries or quizzes, whose sole purpose is to collect and resell the data. "A professional who collects your e-mail must explicitly ask you for permission to sell it for commercial purposes," recalls Olivier Gayraud, CLCV association. The problem? Even if CNIL and Fevad disapprove of this practice, "the box" I want to receive commercial information "often remains checked by default, and the information drowned in illegible general conditions". In short, pending the application of the new European regulation, which will require an explicit agreement, flush out and uncheck the boxes concerned!

Other tips?
"In addition to your usual messaging, open a mailbox" trash ", which you give when you are asked for your contact information.If the latter is flooded with ads, it will be sufficient to no longer use it," advises Martial Mercier. Join the Robinson list - opposition to canvassing by mail - and Bloctel (by phone). And to stop being harassed by "targeted" ads? Regularly delete cookies (these spy files deposited by websites to track down our tastes) and add to your Internet browser tools like Adblock Plus or Ghostery (free and downloadable), which block the display of ads and allow surfing without being track.

Remedies for abuse
"According to the law Informatique et Libertés of 1978, reinforced by the European regulation, the Net surfers have a right of access (that is to say to interrogate a company to know the information which it has about them), a right of rectification and a right of opposition to the commercial use of these data ", recalls Me Etienne Drouard. In addition, thanks to the new European Regulation, "they will benefit as of 2018 from a right of" portability, to request the migration of their data from one courier provider to another, from one energy supplier to another, etc. "Complete Marc Lolivier, delegate general of the Fevad The company is slow in responding or delete data? After two months, complain to the CNIL." If the company is adherent, the mediator of the Fevad can also intervene " , says Marc Lolivier (, seizure possible online).

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