Administrative steps: do everything online

In addition to the traditional online tax returns, more and more administrative procedures - less known - are now a click away. What make your life easier. By moving to the website, it is now possible to simultaneously inform several public and private organizations of your address changes (postal or electronic) or telephone numbers (fixed and mobile).

Group purchases on the Internet, I start?

Since the beginning of the 2010s, group purchases on the Internet are on the rise! The principle is simple: sites specializing in group buying offer consumers to group together to consume less. By selling these products or services to a minimum number of Internet users, the merchant accepts a very interesting discount, sometimes up to 90%!

Not so blondes, blondes!

Obviously, no sensible person really believed in it. Why should blondes be stupider than others? Still, the cliché has hard skin. The silly blonde. The jokes of blondes. The reflections of the type "I am a little blonde me, today". Science, which sometimes likes to be interested in uninteresting issues, decided to fly to the aid of these women supposed to hide a sparrow's brain under a golden helmet.

Amazing: 40 fruits on a single tree!

No, this is not a joke done with much ink, this tree whose bloom is adorned with 40 shades of pink does indeed exist. Nor is it a coincidence of nature. But a work by a New York artist, son of farmer and poet. In 2008, Sam van Aken selected a plum tree of a very resistant variety, then grafted it, year after year, with grafts coming from 40 trees with stones of the same family: peaches, brugnons, nectarines, cherries, almonds , apricots ... Today, his Franken tree (a tribute to Frankenstein) is 7 years old and delight New Yorkers by its blooming spread over a month.

Five languid slows of your youth (videos)

2016 will not be like the year of music. After the disappearances of Prince, David Bowie, Papa Wemba, Pierre Boulez, Maurice White (Earth Wind and Fire), Lemmy (Motorhead), George Martin (producer of the Beatles) or Michel Delpech, it is the turn of the American singer Billy Paul to bow out at the age of 81.